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Second Cruise

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List of Reunions
SD Reunion 1991
SF Reunion
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Once I was a Navy Man

Duty Station:  WWII MM2c on the Potter


Quarters for Muster:
where we are now




Photo Gallery 4

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Left: Billy O'Callaghan Right: Paul Shimp
photo taken on Midway Island

Long Beach, Calif. Naval Base when Chief Merrill left the ship

Potter's final days in California


J. J. White
Boatswain Mate

Taken while making "The Deep Six"

"Hollywood Film Shot Aboard Stephen Potter"

"Life at Sea"

The Wilson Brothers
Naval Base Newport, RI Oct. 1954

Article about the
Stephen Potter

Dave O'Connell SK3
New York

J Gallagher
in dungarees

Charles Lindsey TM2


Tony Fiorello,
Al Othemer,
Joe LaGuardia

Newport, RI
putting down new type of skid tile

The Supply Department on duty


Left: Walter Casper
One of the best bakers!


Newspaper article
"Return from Europe"
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