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This section of the USS Stephen Potter website was taken from the book:

USS Stephen Potter
The Story of DD538
Told from recollections of the men who served aboard the Potter during
World War II and later in the Korean Conflict.

Compiled and edited by Lt. Wilson F. (Bill) Minor USNR (Ret.).  This section is from the World War II Era.

Click here for a list of known crew members who served aboard the USS Stephen Potter during World War II.

The following officers were assigned to the STEPHEN POTTER at commissioning.  They are listed by name, rank, and home state.  Names with an * indicate Department Heads.

Charles H. Crichton Commander USN Kansas

Executive Officer

James Veilis Lieutenant USN California
Bill Merrill* Lieutenant USNR Ohio
Ed Gunderson Lieutenant USNR Oklahoma
Bill Minor Ensign USNR Louisiana
Malcolm Peters Ensign USNR Louisiana
Michael Sweeney Ensign USNR New York
Rural Meadors* Lieutenant JG USNR Virginia
Ed Widness Ensign USNR Connecticut
Henry Isbell Ensign USNR Nevada
John Rosenwald* Lieutenant USNR New York
Art McDearmid Lieutenant JG USRN California
Gene Goudie Ensign USN Pennsylvania
Jack Underhill* Ensign USNR California
Roy Bellin Ensign USNR Wisconsin
Dave Brown Ensign USNR New York
Bill Thomas* Ensign USNR California
Bill Delaney Md.* Lieutenant JG USNR South Dakota
Officers who later served aboard the POTTER during WWII:
Joe Meridith Lieutenant USNR  
Richard Wright Ensign USNR  
Art Stanley Lieutenant USNR  
Eugene Woolley Ensign USNR  
Sam Walters Lieutenant JG USNR  
Gorman Ensign USNR